President Obama tells Haiti: you will not be forgotten

President Obama today promised the Haitian people that they would "not be forgotten" as millions were still waiting for the arrival of a huge international effort to save the survivors of an earthquake that has left the streets of Port-au-Prince strewn with corpses.

After a warning from the country's Prime Minister that the eventual death toll could top 100,000, governments and aid agencies from around the world were channelling personnel and supplies to the battered Haitian capital.

The first planes to land at Port-au-Prince airport brought teams from China, France, Spain and the United States. The Chinese sent 60 veterans from the Sichuan earthquake two years ago, although their plane took six hours to unload because of a lack of equipment at the airport - an ominous sign for the days ahead.

The first British search-and-rescue workers also arrived in Haiti to help deal with what Gordon Brown called a "tragedy beyond imagination". The Government has already allocated $10 million to help with the relief effort.