• contracts for the registration of property relations of spouses: marriage contracts and agreements on the division of property, including the dissolution of marriage, etc.;
  • agreements between the spouses on the legal regime to use a residential area one of the spouses;
  • represent the interests of spouses in negotiating divorce and property division;
  • represent the interests of spouses in the negotiation between the parents of the definition of the order of communication with the child the parent living separately;
  • dissolution of marriage, including, without participation of the parties in court, section of the common property
  • collection of child support;
  • reducing the size of alimony exacted;
  • representation in court for probate: the resolution of complex disputes about inheritance money deposits, real estate;

In the course of assisting the family court, attorneys are often able to convince the couple to resolve disputes out of court, by concluding agreements. This allows parties not only aggravate the conflict situation accusations in court, but also to save time and money. Of course, if such a solution is not acceptable to the parties, the lawyers themselves, without the personal involvement of his client in court, under power of attorney will represent and protect its interests.