Alexander F. Kudinov — Бажинов и партнёры

Alexander Kudinov was born in 1969. He acquired higher legal education in 1994. In 1995-1997 he studied at Blagoveshchensk financial economic college and acquired speciality “Financier”.

Annually from 1995 till 2002 he studied at extension courses at All-Russian State Tax Academy of Ministry of Taxation of the Russian Federation and at Moscow Financial Institute of Advanced Training for tax legislation issues.

His professional experience is more than 18 years; more than 7 years he worked as the chief of legal department at tax inspections of Ministry of Taxation of RF on Amur Region.

His area of specialization is tax law: tax support of business entities, counselling during tax inspections by tax authorities, legal review of tax inspection reports, participation in  review of disputes on tax inspection reports, representation of taxpayers at arbitration and regular courts, at law-enforcement authorities. 

He specializes in the area of foreign-economic activity concerning application of customs legislation and other issues. He represents his clients at customs authorities, in the course of administrative proceedings. He renders services on refunding of prepayment, overpaid or overrecovered customs duties, taxes and other monetary funds by invalidating customs actions on correction of customs value; by invalidating resolutions, claims, orders and other acts of customs authorities; by invalidating commission (omission) of acts of customs officials.