Elena Plavutskaya is an attorney-at-law. Elena Plavutskaya graduated with honors from the Law Institute, Belgorod State National Research University. Elena took part in the academic conferences at the university, her works on corporate law were published in collection of scholarly articles. Elena undertook an internship at the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

Professional experience is more than 10 years.

Elena held senior positions in the Legal Departments of a top corporation, including the Contracts Department.

Elena took part in seminars on labor disputes, consumer rights protection, personal data protection, tax structuring in non-bank financial institutions. Elena Plavutskaya is a AML/CFT official.

Areas of practice: property and inheritance disputes; enforcement of court decisions; legal support of immovable property transactions; liquidation of legal entities; consumer rights protection; disputes with lending agencies; administrative and automobile disputes.

Elena Plavutskaya is a member of the International Union of Lawyers of Russia.